Important Reading This Week

Every Friday, I add some links to articles, books, podcasts, or perhaps some other form of media that made me think about something in a new way or touched my mind or heart. I’m just getting started with this aspect of the blog.  So give me a few weeks to hit my stride.

  • The first one is an article that was published in the Atlantic several years ago, but I just happened upon it this week. It is completely relevant to my current reality and so many others I know.

The Crisis of America’s Working Daughters

  • This one is a take-away following the Mueller Hearings.  Important to consider, whether you support this president or not.

Mueller Hearing Partisan Attack on the Truth.

  • This is the book I’m currently reading.  It’s a collection of essays by Anne Patchett of Bel Canto fame.  Reading is the main way I improve my writing.  So reading great essays by an author I like seems like a good time investment.

The Story of a Happy Marriage.

Leave me a note and tell me what you’ve read that inspired you this week.